Sunday, December 31, 2006

As 2006 fades...

It's an exciting New Year's Eve at the Bizarre household!

Okay, not really. I'm sick with a chest cold and Kevin is working seatings at the restaurant tonight. Munchkin and I are trying to work up the energy to maybe possibly bake something but that ain't looking so good right now.

The first seating is at 5 tonight; Kevin and the rest of the crew have been prepping for it all afternoon. At 4:30, he came barreling into the house wide-eyed and panting. "We have an emergency!" he bellowed.

After determining that no one was hurt and nothing was on fire, I successfully got my heart rate under control. "I broke our piping bag. I don't know my own strength. Do you have one? I have to pipe goat cheese!" he finally managed.

Do I have a piping bag. HA! I have a tool box full of decorating gear.
With Munchkin's help - because she's my sous chef, don't forget! - we found him a bag and a star tip from my "backup gear" (read: not as nice as my Wilton stuff) and waved as he ran back out the door.

You get used to things like this when the chef lives a few minutes' walk from the restaurant.

Now that I've saved New Year's Eve, I think Munchkin and I will spend the next 7 hours or so eating junk food and having fun. With any luck, Kevin will make it home before midnight so the three of us can ring in 2007 in high style!


Fiber said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for swinging by 28 Cooks!

wheresmymind said...

You so need pictures of you and your sous chef!