Thursday, December 28, 2006


It was a Christmas of kitchenstuff here at the Bizarre household. Even Munchkin was included as, amongst her piles of toys, she found her very own set of "sous chef gear," which is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

We grownups got toys more suited to our tastes, though. While we like horsies and coloring books just fine, both Kevin and I much prefer things we can play with in a culinary sense. And, as I've said before, I'm a gadget freak.

I spent an hour today rearranging my cake decorating kit. I had to, because under the tree I found a new cake comb, new cake boards, and like 50 new decorating tips. I'm not sure who was more excited about the tips - Munchkin or me. We both flailed a bit and went "ooh ooh!!"

I have yet to sort through the large bag stuffed full of utensils. We've got spoons and spatulas, chopsticks and a candy thermometer, and lots of things made of silicone.

There's a stack of tea towels, a stack of dishcloths (which my mom made for me, by the by. Did your mom make you dishcloths??), and a sweet oven mitt. I love oven mitts.

A bag of basmati rice is currently next to the box with the bread dipping kit. That's fairly close to another bag full of different oils, preserves, jams, and other gourmet edibles.

A new set of Pyrex - oh how I love Pyrex.
A George Foreman Grill - I love these too, no matter what purists may say. We live in an apartment so there are no "real" grills allowed. Besides, I can't make a good grilled cheese sandwich to save my life, and with a little help from my friend George I can have unburnt tasty grilled cheese.
The slicer/shredder attachment for our Kitchenaid. I'm thinking of making a carrot cake so I can use this and some of my new decorating tips for the same project. Mmmmm carrot cake...

Then there's the set of porcelain tableware from Kevin. We weren't planning on gifts for each other this year, but I'd been eying the set for a bit and when we happened across it on sale...well, we got some new plates and dishes.

The best gift of the season was pretty easy to choose, though.
Christmas Day Kevin and I opened the hand-decorated coffee mugs that Munchkin made for us. She pointed out that I could drink my tea from it, and since Daddy likes to get coffee from Wawa he could take his mug there and fill it up.
I did indeed fill my mug with hot tea, and while we haven't stopped by Wawa yet, Kevin will most certainly be using his as well.

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