Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day: Dessert

To top everything off tonight...


What's more simple than cheesecake? And what's more perfect? I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but I really, really love cheesecake.

For Valentine's dessert, I wanted something rich but relatively light; something simple but decadent.

To me, that called for a crustless cheesecake with some fruit to evoke warmer weather. We got snow and ice from that blasted winter storm, so I didn't need a reminder as to how cold it is outside.

I made a coulis of frozen raspberries and another coulis of poached fresh peaches. I tried my hand at some fancy plating (not my forté, if you couldn't tell!) and proudly called Kevin in for dessert.

My only complaint is with the peach coulis; the peaches were fragrant and delicious out of hand, but I lost some of the flavor along the way from fruit to sauce. Though the coulis has a lovely yellow-orange color, it's far too mild for our taste. I think next time I'll reduce the sauce once I've strained it...


Overall today was an amazingly good food day. I don't know if the cheesecake met the heights of our main course, but we were both happy to be eating it. And we both unabashedly licked our plates clean.


Brilynn said...

Cheesecake is one of my favourites! Put some chocolate in there and you've got the best of both worlds!

wheresmymind said...

mmm...can't go wrong with cheesecake, 'less you are my wife who hates it.

Beth said...

I am an especially big fan of chocolate cheesecake myself.

ros said...

Well, it looks good to me! Contrary to popular opinion, I prefer my cheesecake to be light with a fruit accompaniment. Then again a really light white chocolate cheesecake could tempt me!

This reminds me of the first valentines meal I cooked. I made an alcohol soaked cherry cheesecake for pudding which has now become my most often recreated dessert. I like to include a thin crust (mostly because I can throw in a bit of amaretto/ ginger wine/ whatever suits the fruit i've got in my coulis/topping).