Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day: Main Course

Ahhhh dinner!!! It was even better than I expected!

After being restricted to the bedroom while everything cooked, seared, and simmered
(save for the 2 times I snuck into the hallway and hollered for some more gougéres)
I was called to dinner to find:

Coconut seared scallops with chocolate sauce
NY Strip steak with a roasted red pepper beurre blanc
Wilted spinach with garlic
Potato gratin
And a couple extra gougéres on the side

*falls over dead from the sheer bliss of things*

There's no way I can choose a favorite item here, because it was all so good. The scallops were cooked just perfectly; their chocolate sauce, while unconventional, was spot on for the coconut crust and for the whole Valentine's Day thing; the steak was seasoned simply so the strong flavor of the beurre blanc came through; the gratin was the perfect mild complement to the flavors of everything else. Pure heaven.

We're going to have the dessert I made soon now and I'm not feeling very confident that it'll stand up to dinner... ;)

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ros said...

Wow- coconut seared scallops with chocolate? How exciting! I'd never have thought of it and if I'd seen it on a dedicated recipe site I'd be dubious. But I'm REALLY intrigued since you seemed so pleased with them.

Would you or Kevin care to share an outline recipe? I'm guessing it must have been a concentrated high cocoa, dark chocolate sauce?