Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tea for One

One of the few cold nights we've had this winter, tonight is. Silly me for thinking winter = frigid in the Northeast, because I've been feeling more of a March vibe than December and January.

But the temperature is near freezing and that calls for but one thing: tea.

As luck would have it, I found some amazingly dark, rich local buckwheat honey this weekend. With my special mug warming my hands, I'll be having some tea time.

If only I had a rocking chair and a fireplace....


wheresmymind said...

My wife is a tea fiend! Gotta watch her on the weekend or she gets too hopped up on Earl Grey :D

Chellie said...

Ahhh, my drink of choice is English breakfast tea with a bit of good honey (the darker, the better) stirred in. That'll put hair on your chest! =D

Writing At The Kitchen Table said...

Hi! Just discovered your blog via the DMBLBIT competition being held by Annie at Bonappegeek. Your Cheesecake looks so delicious!
And the rest of your blog is great too! I will keep stopping by to read more!

Chellie said...

Hi Freya! :) Believe it or not, the cheesecake tastes even better than it looks - it's been 3 weeks and everyone's still talking about it.
Thanks for the kind words! I've added your blog to my daily reading. =D

Beth said...

Mmmm - tea. I go back and forth between favoring delicate greens and Earl Grey. James is a big tea person these days too.

I'm going to have a fireplace once we move at the end of February... Come visit me and I'll make you some tea! ;-)